rideWindow makes it easy to connect with your social and life networks to get and give secure rides: one-off, scheduled, or recurring.

Professional men in carpool

Commute in scheduled ridePools with people you know or with whom you have common professional interests and connections.

Congested freeway

Share driving, riding, and expenses while saving money, and avoiding tedious, nerve-wracking freeway standstills and traffic jams.

Professional women in carpool

Use rideWindow to share rides with your connections via ride-hailing services.

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Leverage the Power of Your Networks

Ride with people who are connected to you via your networks in your neighborhood, school, work, or online through your social networks.

You can also add riders, ride partners, drivers and ridePool members individually, without adding whole networks or contact lists.

With rideWindow, your networks move you, and you move through your networks and the people connected to you.

rideWindow Get Rides screen
young women adding ridewindow connections

Give & Get

Give and get rideWindow rides with people imported from your networks: your connections, downloaded from LinkedIn, SnapChat, Outlook and others. Or add people individually, as you prefer.
Workers in a carpool

Ride & Pool

Join an existing rideWindow ride pool in your area or create your own for one-off trips or scheduled, recurring commuting using rideWindow's scheduling and listings features.
Guys waiting for rideshare

Combine Riding & Sharing

Message your rideWindow connections to share a ride using car services or ride-hailing services such as Via, Lyft, or others.


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